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Backpackers is organised by a team of helpers from churches in and around Chesham as part of a Chesham Ecumenical Association. Registered Charity No. 1013519




The Backpackers Song

Hey Ho!  Don't you know?

We're Backpackers and we're ready to go.

Jump up and down, let's sing and shout,

Jesus is Lord!  That's what it's about.

Hey yeah!  People stop and stare

As we trek by without a care.

Because we know that God loves us,

Life's just great, it's no big fuss.


Jesus we love you,

You are our special friend.

When we're in trouble

On you we can depend.

©  Martin Page 1991






Latest News Articles....

  • Watch this space for Backpackers 2016 announcements for your diary!
  • Helper's Application Form IS NOW AVAILABLE on the downloads page
  • Backpackers Got Talent
    fundraiser - Saturday 7th May 7.30 to 10pm in the Broadway Baptist Church
  • Application Form for Children

    Click to download
  • Commissioning Service Monday 25th July 2016, Thomas Harding School Field
  • BACKPACKERS 2016 - Tuesday 26th July to Friday 29th July - 9am to 4pm for volunteers - 10am to 3.30pm for children
  • History of Backpackers

Backpackers 2016....