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Thank you for volunteering to help at BACKPACKERS 2019.  Please use one of the methods shown below.  The number of children that can attend BACKPACKERS depends on the number of volunteers, in particular those willing to work with groups.  The earlier your application is received the easier it is to know the number of places available for children.  Please, therefore, submit your application as soon as possible, thank you.

Online applications

Using the on-line version of the application form greatly reduces the administration overhead which is much appreciated by the organisers. It also is very secure and ensures that no transcription errors appear in your submitted details. Apply on-line:

Helpers:   https://goo.gl/forms/coUopEmTh7mDCy9l1

YApps:    https://goo.gl/forms/pitvbKTgWsaTa6wF3

Download Application Forms to complete here...

If you are unable to submit the form online as described above, then use then click the appropriate link here for a PDF document to print: 2019 Helper Application form and 2019 YApps Application form which can be emailed to the address at the end of the form, handed to the BACKPACKERS rep at your church or posted to the address at the end of the form.

Forms are also available directly from Church reps for those unable to access the website.



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Backpackers is organised by a team of helpers from churches in and around Chesham as part of a Chesham Ecumenical Association. Registered Charity No. 1013519