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This is the page to find the documents needed when you volunteer for BACKPACKERS.  The handbook is an essential read to understand the ethos and workings of BACKPACKERS.  There are some appendices which are specific to a year, you will find these in the private area which requires a password and user name.  You will be told what these are after you have been accepted as a volunteer for the current year.  The documents linked here were for 2019, 2020 documents to follow.

The theme for 2020 is not yet available to leaders.  When it is... sshh! Don't let the children know what it is until they are on site.   Helpers will be able to log in to our private area to find the teaching material and other key documents.

Key dates and times can be found on this page.


Teaching Material for this year:  Log in here:

Appendices for this year: Log in here:

The site layout plan for this year

Expenses Claim Form

Archive of Teaching Material



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Backpackers is organised by a team of helpers from churches in and around Chesham as part of a Chesham Ecumenical Association. Registered Charity No. 1013519